Customer Feedback

Dear Jeahong,

This is my short report on the Linear Power supply kit for the Oppo 93.

Video: picture quality improved, it seems to have more color and contrast, which probably is the result of less noise on the power supply. The look is just more 3 dimensional, I think this is the best way to describe it.

Audio: high frequency distortion is reduced, much less fatiguing now and lot easier to your ears. Voice easier to understand. Speakers are now disappearing better and sound space is more in the room. At the beginning, I thought that bass has lost weight, but it is just less boomy and more precise. I can turn up level now by 3 to 5 dB and still thinking it is lower volume then before the upgrade. This is a clear indication, how much less stress is put on your ears with the LPS.

The performance improvement is surprisingly big, especially when you compare it with the cost of "professional modders". After the LPS in the Oppo 93, it is very difficult to listen to any SMPS equipped blu-ray player anymore, its just pain on your ears. Jeahong, please fell free to use my report as reference to other possible customers.


Hi Lee,

We have been testing the linear power supply over the past few days, and the improvements to picture and sound quality are very impressive. All of the benchmarks for picture and sound are up several points; Texture, Dynamic Contrast, Sharpness, Fluidity, etc

When watching a HD nature documentary the improvement to picture depth is most striking, the images look more 3D than 2D. Also natural elements like water, ice, snow, wood, look more real!

The sound quality of movies is also greatly improved, more clarity, better depth, improved dynamics.

Mark Bartlett

Jaehong just to let you know,

Sound and image are excellent (I already had the Nuforce anolog board) and this power supply is a perfect match for this analog board making the sound very close to my MC Cormack UDP1. With the stock power supply there was a big difference between them.

Thank you very much,

Hi Mr Lee,

I received the power supply on sat....and I just installed it today. It was for my mothers player, she has the bdp-93 and I have the bdp-95. It's working Great! A noticeable upgrade to the picture and the sound, she uses mainly the analog outputs for stereo sound with sub for movies with an integrated amp.

Only issues I had on the Install of the power supply was the 15pin connector on the supply has to be trimmed to get it to lock in properly and I also drilled 2 small holes on th opposite chassis to make clearance for the 2 nuts on the right of the power supply. Other than that its a quick and easy Install.

I would like to order the supply for my 95 for the digital side of the player..... Your quality work and parts pcb board of the supply is impressive!

Thanks Again!